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LISTEN: TOTO Talks New Album and 40 Years Together


In a new interview with NPR, TOTO’s Steve Lukather and David Paich talk about the band’s new greatest hits album and 40 years of making music together.

“The deepest, darkest secret is whether you listen to TOTO or not, you’ve probably heard us a million times on so many other things and so many different styles of music,” says Lukather. Indeed, the band achieved individual success as studio musicians before becoming pop-rock legends with hits like “Africa” and “Hold the Line” – both of which you’ll find on the new greatest hits album.

“I was the guy who said, ‘I’ll run naked down Hollywood Boulevard if this song’s a hit record,'” Lukather told NPR of “Africa”.

In addition to 14 of the band’s best known songs, 40 Trips Around the Sun also features three previously unreleased tracks. “Spanish Sea” was originally recorded in 1985 and features late band members Jeff Porcaro, who died of a heart attack in 1992, and Mike Porcaro, who died in 2015.

“Struck By Lightning” and the newly-written “Alone”  are the album’s two other previously unreleased tunes.

40 Trips Around the Sun is available now via Legacy Recordings.

Hears Steve Lukather and David Paich’s interview with NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro below.

Toto 40 Trips Around the Sun Track Listing:

1. Alone
2. Spanish Sea
3. I’ll Supply the Love
4. I’ll Be Over You
5. Stranger in Town
6. 99
7. Struck By Lightning
8. Pamela
9. Afraid of Love
10. I Won’t Hold You Back
11. Jake to the Bone
12. Stop Loving You
13. Lea
14. Hold the Line
15. Georgy Porgy
16. Rosanna
17. Africa

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