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Watch Journey Perform ‘ Don’t Stop Believin’’ Remotely with Brand New Lineup

Journey debuted a brand new lineup Saturday night when keyboardist Jason Derlatka, drummer Narada Michael Walden and returning bassist Randy Jackson joined Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain and Arnel Pineda for a remote version of the hit “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The quarantine gig was part of the UNICEF Won’t Stop fundraising concert on Saturday evening.

Watch it now in the player below. 

Jackson, who was a member of Journey from 1985-1987, and Walden replace Ross Valory and Steve Smith who were fired earlier this year.  Schon filed a lawsuit against the two musicians saying they tried to take control of the band’s name. Valory and Smith then countersued.

Schon also revealed on Twitter that the new lineup have an album in the works. When a fan Tweeted he would be “first in line if you record a new album,” Schon replied, “It’s coming already”.

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