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CDJ Today: February 27 in Classic Rock

Neal Schon
Neal Schon

February 27, 1970 – Jefferson Airplane is fined $1,000 for for singing profanity while on stage in Oklahoma City. The ordinance prohibiting obscene language was drawn up a year earlier when Jim Morrison of The Doors allegedly exposed himself at a concert.

February 27, 1977 – Keith Richards is arrested and charged with “possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to traffic” in Toronto.  He is found with five grams of cocaine and 22 grams of heroin in his room, among other substances. He is released on $25,000 bail, and eventually receives a suspended sentence after the court concludes that Richards did not bring the drugs into the country, but rather purchased them while in Canada.

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Classic Rock Birthdays

February 27, 1957 – Adrian Smith, guitar (Iron Maiden)
February 27, 1957 – Johnny Van Zant, vocals (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Zant)
February 27, 1954 – Neal Schon, guitars, vocals (Journey, Santana)
February 27, 1960 – Paul Humphreys, vocals, keyboards (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)
February 27, 1952 – Kevin Raleigh, vocals, keyboards (Michael Stanley Band)
February 27, 1950 – Robert Balderrama, guitar (? and The Mysterians)

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