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CDJ Today: September 8 in Classic Rock

September 8, 1994 Aerosmith win Video of the Year for “Cryin'” at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City.  This marks the first appearance of Alicia Silverstone in a band video, and she goes on to appear in two other Aerosmith videos.  This is also the year when Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley open the show with their disastrous kiss.

September 8, 2003 – A Minnesota jury finds Marilyn Manson (aka Brian Warner) not guilty of civil charges of assault and battery for rubbing his crotch against a security guard’s head during a 2000 concert.  The guard said Manson grabbed his head, held it against his hips and “proceeded to gyrate his hips.”  He further went on to say he “was humiliated, degraded and endured ridicule and shame.” The guard was seeking more than $3 million in punitive damages.

September 8, 1976 – Peter Frampton is invited to the White House by President Gerald Ford, mainly at the request of his son Stephen. Frampton takes pictures, gets a tour and ends with a visit to the living quarters to watch TV with the Ford family.

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September 8, 1966 – American Bandstand host Dick Clark guests on the TV show Batman.

Dick Clark: (opening apartment window as Batman and Robin climb past) Hey! Who’re you?
Robin: He must be new in Gotham City.
Batman: He’s from Philadelphia.
Dick Clark: How did you know?
Batman: You dipped your dipthong. People from Philidelphia are known for that.
Robin: We’re Batman and Robin. The crimefighters!
Dick Clark: Oh. Are you a vocal group?
Robin: What?!
Dick Clark: I thought perhaps you might be a singing duo.

Classic Rock Birthdays

September 8, 1947 – Benjamin Orr, bass, vocals (The Cars) (d. 2000)
September 8, 1945 – Kelly Groucutt (born Michael William Groucutt), bass, vocals (Electric Light Orchestra) (d. 2009)
September 8, 1945 – Ron McKernan (known as “Pigpen”), organ, vocals (Grateful Dead) (d. 1973)
September 8, 1946 – Dean Daughtry, keyboards (Atlanta Rhythm Section)
September 8, 1960 – Aimee Mann, vocals, guitar (‘Til Tuesday)

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Rock Remembrances

September 8, 1997 – Derek Taylor, publicist for The Beatles, dies of cancer. He was 65.  In addition to the Beatles, Taylor also worked with The Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson and The Byrds, and was the co-author of books with Michelle Phillips and Steven Spielberg. He was also a key organizer in the production of the historic Monterey Pop Festival.  At the time of his death, he had been lured back to work at Apple, helping to compile the Beatles Anthology book.  He remained lifelong friends with George Harrison and John Lennon.

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