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Well, I’m gonna hold off on part 2 of Bruce for a second, but this new Darkness Box Set coming in November is a must for ALL rockers, no matter what your favorite genre!

We’ll certainly get back to that, but next week the brand new Eric Clapton will be released. I’ve only heard 5 tracks, but they are truly some of the best I’ve ever heard from Mr. Clapton. He seems to be more comfortable now than ever before. It’s like somehow he was just able to let the music flow without being over careful.

Sure there’s great guitars, but on this, it is the vocals that really stand out to me. I was so moved by his singing—the graceful aging of his voice. Wait ‘till you hear him sing “Autumn Leaves”!! And, everything else for that matter. He has really taken a leap to another place with vocal phrasings the likes of Bennett and Sinatra.

He’s also got a lot of guests on the album and my personal faves are the New Orleans cats like Allen Toussaint and Wynton Marsalis. And, I’ve always loved Willie Weeks on bass. Those southern guys just have a special groove built in somehow.

As far as the guitar playing—as tastey as it gets. And, subtle—beautiful.

Not only do I believe this album is one of EC’s all time best, I believe it is one of the best albums of the year!

Apparently a lot of folks are reading this blog. I thank all of you for your interest and Judy and I will keep building this site with more goodies for you to experience and to win!

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