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For so many years, Judy and I have been a part of the most fabulous adventure known as the Music Business. If you read our “about” page, you will get a glimpse of some of the many artists that we have worked closely with over the years. There are so many amazing stories about these artists, their managers, the promoters and every other kind of character in the business that we, and others, have often been asked to write a book. I have actually scribbled down some chapters but somehow it always seems a bit much to tell these “inside” and often times private stories in some printed form that would remain fixed forever.

When we first launched the Classics Du Jour website, it was suggested to us that we begin an open forum where many people could contribute. Not just industry folks, but ANYONE and EVERYONE! We thought that it was a great idea. For some reason it seems much easier to tell our stories in this kind of format, perhaps because it feels like story “telling” as opposed to writing some pretentious tome. The best part is that we can converse with you and vice-versa. Not only can people chat amongst themselves but Judy and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and I am sure that your (our) discussions will spur even more fun stories!

To get the ball rolling, I thought I might first set the scene, so to speak, so that you can get an idea of how things were in the beginning. How loose and fancy free it all was when music and art were king and the marketing and the making of huge pots of money from it all came second. Over time, I’ll share memorable and some times hilarious stories that hopefully will engage, entertain and perhaps even enlighten you. Read and enjoy our blogs, become a member of the CDJ community forum and allow us to give you backstage access!


In 1966 I took my then girlfriend (now wife) to see the Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Bowl.  She was 17 and I was 18, and we were jumping up and down and singing along just like you see in those classic newsreels.  Fast forward 20 years later and I’m sitting on a couch at Columbia Records headquarters in New York City next to Mick Jagger and I’m telling him his promotion and marketing plans!  The two most amazing things are:  One, I actually know what I’m talking about!  And two,…HE’S ACTUALLY LISTENING TO ME!!

There are a lot of adventures to share.  Tune in next time for a brief explanation of the scene at the time and our first offering—a little story about one of rock’s most talented guitar players and songwriters Randy California, and his most amazing band, Spirit.

Keep Rockin,’


Paul Rappaport

Paul Rappaport was Senior VP at Columbia Records where he enjoyed a 33 year career in radio promotion and marketing. He is recognized as being instrumental in the careers of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Journey, Elvis Costello, Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, and many more. He is also noted as the Co-Creator...

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