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Paul McCartney’s Adventure Novel for Kids is Becoming a Netflix Movie

” When machines belonging to the evil Gretsch destroy the woods that are their home, Wirral the squirrel and his friends journey to legendary Animalia and begin a campaign to free the enslaved animals of Megatropolis.”

Paul McCartney announced that his popular 2005 children’s novel High In The Clouds will be adapted into a new animated musical feature by Netflix and Gaumont.

The upcoming animated adventure will follow an imaginative teenage squirrel named Wirral, who finds himself pulled into a ramshackle gang of teenage rebels who live high in the clouds. He accidentally antagonizes Gretsch the owl, the tyrannical leader (and fabulous singer!), who steals the voice of anyone who upstages her.

McCartney said in a statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Netflix.  They complement what is already an amazing team with Gaumont, and we can think of no one better to be working with to bring our film to a global audience. I’ve always loved animated films, and this is a hugely important passion project for me. I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

Oscar-nominee Timothy Reckart will direct, with a screenplay by Paddington, Paddington 2 and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald writer Jon Croker. Macca himself will provide original songs and music for the production.

“The development of High In The Clouds has been a fantastic journey working together with Tim and Jon and of course my amazing Gaumont Animation and Family team, Terry Kalagian and Alex Soto,” adds Nicolas Atlan, President Gaumont Animation and Family. “We feel fortunate as this has been an extremely collaborative creative process with the incomparable Paul McCartney and his team, including Lee Eastman who has offered invaluable guidance throughout the development stage. We at Gaumont are elated to be announcing this project and are excited to be working with Melissa Cobb, Gregg Taylor and the talented team at Netflix to be able to share this truly special musical animated feature film with audiences around the world.”

No news yet on when High In The Clouds will premiere.

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