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CDJ Today: October 6 in Classic Rock

REO Speedwagon
Kevin Cronin with REO Speedwagon

October 6, 1990 – A Gathering of Tribes, a two-day concert said to be the inspiration behind Lollapalooza, is staged in Mountain View, CA and Costa Mesa, CA by The Cult’s Ian Astbury and promoter Bill Graham. Artists on the bill include Soundgarden, Ice-T, Indigo Girls, Queen Latifah, Joan Baez, Steve Jones, Michelle Shocked, Iggy Pop, The Cramps, London Quireboys, The Mission UK, Crash Vegas and The Charlatans UK. The event raises money for Native-American-related causes and also gives concertgoers a chance to learn about organizations like Act Up, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Rock the Vote, and local animal rights groups.

October 6, 1994 – Eagles singer and guitarist Glenn Frey undergoes abdominal surgery to relieve pain from diverticulitis. The Eagles postpone their Hell Freezes Over reunion tour for the remainder of the year. It is their first concert tour in 14 years. Frey died in January of 2016 from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia, while recovering from gastrointestinal tract surgery.

October 6, 1992 – R.E.M. release their eighth studio album, Automatic for the People. It goes on to sell over four million copies in the U.S.

October 6, 2004 – Incubus singer Brandon Boyd is arrested at NYC’s LaGuardia Airport after screeners find a switchblade in the bottom of his bag.  Boyd is charged with criminal possession of a weapon but allowed to take a later flight to Raleigh, NC, for a performance that night. “I totally forgot it was at the bottom of my bag, and when the security person pulled it out, I thought, ‘Oh, no,’” says Boyd.

October 6, 1980 – John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) is sentenced to 3 months in prison for a bar brawl.  Lydon says, “On my arrival the warders decided to make an example of me. They stripped me down, threw me into the yard and hosed me down…Inside there, it was tough — really really tough and hard – and a punishing regime. The warders would wake me up all night long with their truncheons… The embarrassment. I just wanted to crawl under the concrete.”

Classic Rock Birthdays

October 6, 1951 – Kevin Cronin, vocals, guitar (REO Speedwagon)
October 6, 1966 – Tommy Stinson, bass, vocals (The Replacements, Guns N’ Roses)
October 6, 1964 – Matthew Sweet (born Sidney Matthew Sweet), vocals, guitar
October 6, 1954 – David Hidalgo, vocals, guitar (Los Lobos)

Rock Remembrances

October 6, 1978 – Johnny O’Keefe, the first Australian rock ‘n’ roll performer to tour the United States, dies from a heart attack induced by prescribed drugs in Darlinghurst, Australia.  He was 43.  He allegedly had been depressed over the death of Elvis Presley and was quoted saying, “I’ll be next.” O’Keefe was known for his hits “Wild One,” “She’s My Baby” and his cover of “Shout!”  “Wild One” was revived in 1986 and recorded by Iggy Pop as “Real Wild Child.”

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